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 Tantra For Business


“Tanja has helped me face some big issues - I realized limiting beliefs that no amount of self -improvement and seminars (including Tony Robbins) could do.” Cheyenne K (23), Vancouver B.C.


Tantra for Business™ is the world's most powerful and advanced tranformational technology for you and/or your entire company.


Tantra is an ancient technology for life mastery so powerful that it's understanding gives you command of your energy and the energy around you.

Once we learned that all thoughts are energy and we can manifest what we focus on, ( this has been known by business greats since Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich) Tantra stepped into the forefront of business mastery.

Business is not just about flow charts and paperwork. It's foundation is built upon relationships with people and the knowledge of how others thinks and feel.

Business is about knowledge but that's only in your head. When you can translate that knowledge into your entire being you begin to understand mastery. Mastery is what you witness in the top business people in the world.

When you gain mastery you walk into any space and command it.

Tantra for Business™ is about that mastery. Tantra Business Coaching™ gives you the edge above the rest quickly.

You learn to read the people in the room and make decisions from your whole being that tells you where your important relationships are going to be formed.

You learn to read the subtle cues of others and that assists you in making the right connections in the right way.

We all know that a business deal hinges on who you know and how they feel about you. You are foolish to underestimate the power in that knowledge.


“Tanja, Prior to meeting you in person once and through telephone calls and emails over the past four months, I have undergone what can only be described as a transformational metamorphosis. After many years of marketing and promoting my patented water filtration technology and meeting with nothing but accumulated rejection or insanely ridiculous offers that were designed to squeeze me out of my company when I "knew" I had the 'better mousetrap" made me very angry. That anger was evident to all that I came in contact with.
Consulting with you has exponentially diminished the anger and replaced it with compassion and grace which is translating into contracts {witness the latest press release} and investment suitors. The conscious breathing and focus when meeting clients has made them exceptionally receptive to what my technology offers. It's wonderful to behold. I look forward to the rest of this grandiloquent journey.”- Faith, Ron McIlwain, President Filtersure Inc.


Tantra for Business™ and Tantra Business Coaching™ was created by Tanja Diamond as a synergy of Classical Tantra and the new science of today.

Tantra for Business™ has created millionaires and will inspire you to live your whole life with a purpose and vitality you had no idea existed.

You will learn how to actually use Chapter 11 of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich to improve your finances and the way you do business.

You can not afford to miss this education and that is so advanced it will put you ahead of the competition in a very short time.


At this time Tantra for Business™ is only taught through Tantra Business Coaching™ or in the Inner Circle Program.


“I have been a member of Tanja's Inner Circle since early this year (2009)and it has been an amazing journey. There have been bumps along the way, some big ones, but it has paid dividends. With Tanja's knowledge, patience, and persistence, real progress has been made. I have basically turned from a glass-half-empty person to a glass-half-full person as a result of working with Tanja. It hasn't always been easy, but it has been worth it.” Bob Moore, Wa

 “I am involved in Tanja's Inner Circle program (2009) and I truly can't say enough about Tanja and the program in how it has enlightened and improved my quality life. The teachings she has given me have improved all areas of my life, being able to free myself from destructive behaviors, shame and fear. Tanja has shown me the way to change beliefs in myself to create passion and love in my life for myself and others while living in fearless integrity. Tanja is truly amazing. I highly recommend Tanja's courses to anyone who wants to empower themselves to setup and succeed in life.” Dan Mellon, Vancouver, BC Canada


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