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Tanja Diamond, "The Tantra Teacher", ACTE, C.Ht, NLP, CHSH, is a Life Mastery and Strategy Expert, Sexual Intimacy Expert and creator of Modern Tantra™ and Tantra for Business™, She has been working in the US and abroad, in the field of spiritual consciousness and human sexuality for the past 25 years. She is the author of Beyond Sex: Tantra, a practical guide to extraordinary living.

Having lived and studied all over the world, Tanja has been fortunate to have many spiritual teachers in both conventional theories and the esoteric philosophies. Many formal credentials in applied science and psychology, certifications in energetic disciplines and several uncanny intuitive gifts make Tanja a dynamic force.

Tanja is the most practical and easily understood Tantra teacher today, flexible in any format, using humor to make the sometime awkward subject of sex and spirituality educational, enlightening and fun.

She maintains that sex isn't a luxury; it’s an integral part of our everyday living and imperative for spiritual enlightenment. Sexual energy is a creative force that keeps us healthy mentally and physically. Being sexually empowered is about living your life as fully alive as you were born to be.

Tanja's takes on the boardroom with Tantra for Business™ and her Tantra Inner Circle Program, teaching the most powerful business tools the corporate world has ever seen. Exploding companies to the top of their game at warp speed.
An endlessly curious nature has taken Tanja into the depths of the human mind and spirit, expanding past boundaries that have halted others. Her rock star style of teaching has touched, thrilled, inspired and empowered the lives of thousands.


tanja diamond

Tanja's Life

My life has been a miraculous journey full of texture. The highest highs and the lowest of lows, true tragedy, ecstasy and the ever present mundane.

My parent were extraordinary people with some complex issues, and yet still they empowered me to do whatever it was I was interested in, while trying to figure out what and who I was. Apparently I was anything but ordinary. I was a challenging child.

 I had competed and had steady wins in tennis, swimming, horse show jumping, and voice by the age of 15.

I graduated from an upper crust private girl school at the age of 16, second in my class, while I qualified for a very elite rank in the hunter jumper world of horse showing. 

Plans to be a neurosurgeon were thwarted by seemingly mystical experiences, and lead to some unusual employment opportunities. Bechtel Corp in procurement, Ditch digger, electrician assistance, gym owner, horse trainer, animal behaviorist, hair dresser, office administration, gas station attendant, cocktail waitress, singer in several bands, store manager, life coach, project manager, founder of a spiritual center, porn writer, spiritual leader, swim coach, underwater videographer, wedding videographer, pool hustler,  Equestrian center owner, motivational speaker, radio host, hair salon owner, hypnotherapist, sexual healer, entrepreneur of one kind or another since I was 14.

The list goes on... see below for credentials

I have lived and travelled on every continent, hot air ballooned over the Masi Mara plains of Africa,  chased poachers in Tanzania, cliff dove in South America, ridden camels in Egypt, paraglided in the South Pacific, sailed topless in many places, motor biked in The Outback, survived a Hammerhead shark attack in Central America, been down the Olympic bobsledding run at Lake Placid NY, touched the horn of a white rhino, been licked by the blue tongue of an endangered Bongo, became a helicopter pilot, parasailed and jumped out of planes in North America, and dove ( divemaster) in most of the worlds major oceans.

I have cured 2 incurable illness, and overcome experiences that have left most people emotionally and physically crippled for life, unable to move forward or go on.

 I truly live the belief that if I desire something, I go and get it, and I have desired many experiences in life.

As far as education goes I have 32 credentials behind my name and two in front, and that was a lot of time and money. I still feel that the best education to prepare me for what was to be my mission were the experiences that have made up my life.

I have been fortunate to have studied with some very exceptional non traditional masters in various countries as well as conventional teachers and mentors here in the states. My best inspirations have been nature and the human spirit.

The human body and mind have been my obsession and especially related to sex and transcendence. I am insatiably curious and a voracious reader of books, nature and people.

I bring a few unusual, unique and special talents to my work as well. For those people who believe in things that are not as apparent as others, I am for all intense practical purposes an empath. Someone who has the ability to see your energetic signature. It is a formidable experience to live with someone you can not hide from, but a wonderful experience for those truly wanting to rid themselves of delusion, as any student of mine can attest to.

Using sexual energy for manifesting and reaching the divine is my spiritual practice. Expansion beyond what is normally thought possible, is my lover. Helping the world to feel authentically is my calling, and being a catalyst for others people's transformation is my destiny.

I have the knowledge, stamina, education and courage to guide you to your truth... if you have the courage to see it.


Credentials and Accomplishments

I am a believer that being a student is what makes life interesting.

I have studied many different ideas, theories, disciplines and philosophies. Sure the initials look cool behind anyone's name, but more importantly is what you do with them. Giving value to others is my life mission. The rest is just icing on the cake.

Creator of Modern Tantra™
Creator of Tantra for Business™
Author of Beyond Sex: Tantra
Life Mastery Expert
Life Strategist
NLP practitioner NLP
Clinical hypnotherapist C.Ht
Time Empowerment techniques TET
Advanced Certified Tantra Educator ACTE
Sexual Intimacy Expert
International sex and relationship trainer
Founder of the Center for Sexual and Spiritual Enlightenment
Founder of Breathe and Believe
Sexual educator ASE
Tantric sexual healer
Holistic sexual healer CHSH
Reiki Master Level IV
Laser Reiki
Life Coach
Intuitive relationship and sexuality counselor
Bach Flower remedy practitioner Level 2
Sound therapies
Vibrational therapies
T-Touch practitioner
EFT, on going training
Meditation teacher
White tantra educator (yoga)
White Tigress on going studies
Martial artist
Student of the Millionaire Mind group
Motivational speaker
Radio and Tv personality
PhD candidate

and still going.....