Tantra For Business



Become the paradigm shift in business transformation


Certified Tantra for Business Educator™ (CTBE)


Able to lead a one/two day workshop intensive plus private coaching using the Tantra For Business™ name.



Inner Circle Program, assist at a Tantra For Business™ workshop and Tantra For Business™ 4 day intensive with clients and workshop participants, create teaching format and handouts for approval prior to 4 day intensive

Required reading materials and assignments to be completed
If you are already a Certified Tantra For Business Coach™ Please contact me for prerequisites/pricing to add on Certified Tantra For Business Educator™


Pricing- 2011

Current pricing is 18K IC program (add person 24K total has to schedule the same time at 1.5 hrs week)

For the IC program 3K down (balanced paid monthly) Inner Circle paid in full before 4 day intensive, unless other arrangements are made.

Towards the end of the IC program I will tell you when you are ready to start coaching your case studies with written reports for my evaluation. I would like you to have at least 3 people for 5 sessions of coaching before our 4 day intensive. We will also talk about your upcoming workshop.

4 day intensive with clients 8K + expenses (add another person, add a day and total is 10K + my expenses)

4 day intensive booked half down and balanced paid at time of 4 day intensive, unless other arrangements have been made.

**To fast track the IC year long program you may be able to move forward depending on your experience as well as you may also be able to schedule an intensive weekend with Tanja contact me for pricing and feasibility**

2011 Total pricing one person  26K   + expenses   (add a person total 34K)  + expenses

Program/ format and handouts-

Because of the nature of Tantra For Business™ you will be able to create a program for your client that reflects your talents as a coach. Using the 5 levels of learning and the 5 steps to life mastery from Modern Tantra™ you will formulate a program and handouts.

A full workshop program and handouts must be created and approved before the 4 day intensive. You are always able to update and refine your process as you evolve.

4 day intensive -

Before intensive send me your program and handouts for review/approval. (Day 2 and 3 may be switched as needed)

Day 1:

We will meet and get questions answered, you will give me a rundown of your custom created program using the steps of learning (there are 5) and model of the 5 levels in Modern Tantra for your Tantra For Business Coaching™.  Go over the plan for the next day.

Day 2:

You will conduct a one day workshop for at least 5 participants; you may charge a fee for workshop to cover expenses.


Coach 2 people, you will coach them and then I will evaluate, and then I will coach them for an example.

You will not charge clients at the intensive and they should be available for approx 2.5 hrs. These can be clients you are using for your case studies.

 If there are two people getting certified then each should have 4 and will sit in on each other’s and give feedback as well

Day 4:

Coach 2 people, you will coach them and then I will evaluate, and then I will coach them for an example.

Evaluate, review and questions, contract and certification.


Conditions of certification-

Certification on condition of competence in Inner Circle Program and satisfactory review of intensive weekend.  Inner Circle completion does not guarantee acceptance to certification and there is no refund of IC.

A signed contract for code of conduct and ethics and adherence to said contract will keep certification in good standing.

Yearly fee to remain certified and part of the Modern Tantra™ Society. First year covered in certification program price.

Workshop royalties of 10 percent

During the first year of your coaching, your clients and workshop participants will complete an anonymous feedback survey of their experience and these will be sent to me. I will work with you to resolve coaching/teaching issues should there be any.

Approval required of marketing materials and any websites using the name Tantra For Business™.

Once certified you will utilize my materials ebooks, books etc... for Tantra For Business™  at wholesale for resale. I may consider collaboration on other products as well.

Your package includes 10 hours of support a year after certification and any updates to my training programs while certification is in good standing

Contact me for consideration