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Manifesting is not a new thing. It has however, been brought to the attention of the main stream population over the past few years with the movies such as; "What the bleep do we know, The Secret and The Hidden Mysteries in Water." Research has found a connection between the power of the mind and what happens in our life and the results are speaking for themselves.

The process to create what we want in our lives is called "manifesting" - the bringing of ideas and desires into physical form. Manifesting becomes a self empowerment tool when it is applied to realizing our desires. This is done through the law of attraction.

Celebrities like Anthony Robbins, Harv Ecker, Oprah, Eckhart Tolle, Darren Jacklin and Tanja Diamond are using manifesting daily in their professional and personal lives to achieve outrageous results. This ability to manifest our dreams is not limited to the gifted; anyone can posses this ability, all it requires is an understanding of how to put it all together.

Darren Jacklin is the world's Mega Manifestor assists people all over the planet to realize the power of manifesting. He has proven results that can be duplicated for success over and over again. Living an example of what he teaches people in his Idea Party Events™, he is an inspiration as well as an educator. There are many paths to manifesting thought they all start with the need to harness our mental energy and put a focus on it for a specific outcome.

Another world class manifestor is Tanja Diamond.

 Tanja, The Tantra Teacher, engages in the process of utilizing sexual energy for raising her personal vibration, and giving her focused energy intent and clarity. Her dynamic rock star style of teaching motivates and empowers people to transform their personal and sexual lives into their desired state. Her results are staggering.

Tanja states that the bigger the energy is and the more potent the intent behind it the more powerful the message to the universe. There is no bigger energy than sexual energy which is how we create life. Utilizing sexual energy is about harnessing the intensity of arousal and keeping it inside your body instead of expelling it out through normal sexual exchange. Though this may sounds like a more exotic way to manifest, Tanja can assure you it is a lot of fun to learn and practice.

 To make a difference right now these steps can use in your life today.

Let's start with some basics.

The law of attraction is a universal law which states that, "what is within, is without." It means that what is first created inside the mind will eventually become an outward reality.

Our negative self talk and old programming can be powerful manifesting tools as well. If these are the things you are focused on you can well understand why you might be in the position you are today. Ask yourself right now…

What do I believe about my life and circumstances?

 What do I believe about myself?

Make a list of thoughts that run through your head about your life, relationship, money, your sex life, and other facets that are not where you would truly desire them to be.

Making an assessment is a really imperative start.

 Once you can honestly look at what you are creating now in your life, you can start to use these next principles to change it all around.

To start manifesting follow this process: Ask, Believe, Release and Receive.

Asking…In order to manifest your desires you must ask for what you want. Some people get stuck here and it is good to know that there are ways to get through the fog. Asking is not enough. You must be so crystal clear in your vision you can actually see, hear, feel, taste, touch and utilize all your senses when visualizing your desire.

Believing… It cannot be if you do not believe that it can be. The universe works in accordance with your thoughts, so if you really do not believe that you can do something then you cannot. Our internal dialogue can keep you from believing you are worthy, or that you can have what you desire. You are the only thing holding you back.

Releasing…This is a process of trusting the laws of attraction and your clarity and intent. Once you have achieved clarity and precise asking and believing of what you are manifesting you need to let go. Do not go looking for it, do not try to speed it up, do not spend time wondering where it is going to come from. The universe is more than capable of doing what you ask without your interference.

Receiving... You must be ready, willing and able to receive your manifestations, in your mind and in your spirit you must know that you deserve and that you are capable of bring your desires from the unseen to the seen. This can be tough for some people. Practice living what you desire. Own the car, or boat, have the boyfriend or girlfriend. The process works, only doubt or lack of worth can hold you back.

 Some tips from the pros.

Rule #1: Align the Desire With Making Progress In Your Spiritual Evolution.

Rule #2: Align the Desire For the Greater Good of All.

Rule #3: First Deserve, Then Desire.

To summarize, desires that are strong, spiritually oriented, and beneficial to others and which you have worked hard to realize are the one's that the Universe is most likely to help with.

Living in gratitude each day of what you have right now and thanking your divinity is an excellent way to stay positive and in the moment while on your journey of manifesting your desires.

Remember that your breath in the world is impactful and that remaining aware and conscious of everything around you will allow you to see the opportunities that are constantly there.

There are different types of formulas to follow out there in the world of manifesting. Some people enjoy ritual and trappings, some people enjoy the process of writing vision boards, journals or painting.

 But no matter what format you use to start your process, we encourage you to do it today, right now.