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 The Tantra Inner Circle Program


" Tanja has helped me face some big issues - I realized limiting beliefs that no amount of self -improvement and seminars (including Tony Robbins) could do." Cheyenne K Vancouver BC



The Inner Circle is for the discerning mega achiever in life.

You know who you are and you won't settle for less than living your life on fire. You want all life has to offer and you want to live in extraordinary awareness, power, bliss and arousal.

You understand that the Tantric path is the one to full life enlightenment and personal transformation.

You want your business, personal and sexual life at the upper echelon of your game.

You crave learning the art of energy manipulation to enable yourself to manifest whatever you choose in life. Money, sex , fame, anything your heart desires.


 Tanja's teachings should be mandatory learning for every human being."...

"I honestly can't say enough about Tanja. The tools she has given me have helped me to improve all areas of my life. I'm much more aware of my surroundings and it has helped me in ways I would have never imagined. The skills go far beyond the bedroom and have helped me become a better person. Tanja is an amazing person and I'm truly thankful to have met her." Jason Rude, Executive Coach, Lifestyle Transformations.


 Once involved with The Inner Circle program you can expect just a few of these things.


Awaken your fullest potential
Free yourself from shame, guilt, destructive behaviors and fear
Explore Tantra and other ancient techniques and philosophies
Learn to use your sexual energy with intent for manifesting wealth, health and love and more
  Use powerful technology for change in your business life



Welcome to my Elite Program.

There is no other experience like this in the world. It is as close to learning the path of authentic Tantra as you will ever see.

Be one of the few people in the world to walk this path.

Most people are held back by their fears and uncertainty, look around you and inside you and you will see that is true. This is the path to eradicate any and all fears that keep you where you are.

Fear and lack of education in the true arts of life keep you from getting the life you want, the passion you crave, and all the greatest things life has to offer. I will educate you and show you the path through the fear to a life of fearless integrity.

Whether breaking past your poverty mentality and becoming financially independent or being one of the most sought after lovers on the planet this is the program you must be part of.


"Tanja is amazing as advertised, and I have never met a person more dedicated to a fearless existence. Fearless in speaking the truth, fearless in love and fearless in grabbing moments that pass most of us by. There is no person on the planet that lives more fiercely passionately in everything she does. I am utterly grateful for this adventure with her called life." Steve Lyndon


I only consider a few serious students a year. Please inquire with me if I have an availability and to apply for consideration.

The Tantra Inner Circle Program is designed to create life transformation that promotes your business and personal aspects as well as sexual mastery in the a variety of ancient art forms.

Begin today to truly transform your life, living and sexual experiences.

I personally guarantee that you will be more than thrilled by your experience with me and your personal plan to a truly amazing life that very few people live.

 You in turn will guarantee me that you will be diligent in your practices and work to live in a high state of integrity. If I find that you are abusing these learnings I will terminate our practices.

To find out why I am qualified to take you on this amazing journey please click here


"Tanja is an experienced and legitimate teacher..."

"Tanja Diamond is a healer and leader in nurturing and developing human potential and sexual transformation. When others in the world of tantra focus on masking old Western techniques and approaches with Eastern language and empty actions, Tanja is actually an experienced and legitimate teacher working with others to embrace the craft and art of being a fully awakened human."Jeff L. www.archetypecoaching.com


In the Foundation for Life Mastery you will:


Harness your thoughts and emotions and make them work for you instead of against you.
Finally let go of all negative programs that keep you from achieving everything you desire.
Become one with the Universal flow that The Secret and The Power of Intention talk about.
Create wealth and success using sexual energy for manifesting. Napoleon Hill says in Chapter 11 of Think and Grow Rich talks about this, you will possess this knowledge.
Attain mastery at reading others and use that knowledge in business to your advantage.
Supercharge your personality to be instantly seen as powerful.
Heal your physical body with ancient techniques that enhance life vitality and longevity.
Experience living a level of passion that leaves others in awe.
Eradicate fear from ever holding you back again and get what you really want!
Live a life of profound spirituality, intention, and the highest level of integrity imaginable.

and much more.....


"In over four years of creating and producing sexual and relational health show: JuiceBox Radio www.juiceboxradio.com, I have had at least 20 tantric practitioners and experts as guests.
Tanja spoke about this realm of sexuality in a different way than the rest.
My co-host and I learned some keys points that I believe will change our sexual
experience, indeed our life experience, in a profound way.
Tanja was well spoken, intelligently reflective, and besides making an amazing live guest on our show, she spoke to the depth and breadth that is human sexuality in a deeply spiritual and meaningful way.
Professional, compassionate and a fabulous sense of humour to boot, thank you, Tanja."
Julia Sanders Juice Box Radio Vancouver BC 



In the Foundation for Sexual Mastery you will:



Learn the art of sexual magnetism and attract who you want, wherever you want them.
Step into sexual consciousness and harness the greatest power in the universe to fuel your life.
Experience the expansion of your pleasure threshold and live in a state of arousal no one else can even fathom.
Become a Master Lover and understand the ancient secrets of sexual longevity and increased sexual vitality and orgasm enhancement.
As a Man step into a Warrior's life and become a sexual empowered unapologetic male that every woman will crave.
As a Women incorporate the secrets of the Tantric Goddesses and immerse yourself into the mysteries of easily flowing orgasmic bliss and inescapable seduction talents that leave you ageless and all men desiring you.
Create an abundance of sexual energy to be used for any purpose you desire.
Understand the mysteries of sexual healing and how learning to heal yourself and lover can create enduring relationships.
Incorporate the intricate sublet forces of energy to open your sexual experiences to immensely blissful states, including manipulating orgasmic energy without physical touch.

 and more...


 "Tanja's uninhibited joy in all things sexual has been a revelation to me. Not content with merely getting from point A to point B, Tanja has taught me to delight in a limitless range of pleasures while blending my very heart and soul in profound sanctity. It is a truly spiritual journey that reunites all the sundered fragments of our lives." Dr. E Johnson, Seattle


All the Art Forms of Living in an Expanded state await you.


Once you become part of The Inner Circle these are the things you will receive.


One year of accelerated personal study with me, customized for you.
4 in person sessions of 4 hours each with me, solo or with your partner for a total of 16 hours for the year.
1 hour of personal phone time with me each week, for a total of 52 hours for the year.
Special mp3's custom made for you throughout the year, approx 20 hours for the year.
5 hours email consultations per month for a total of 60 hours per year.
First option at my classes and workshops, 25 percent off at all events.
My products at 50 percent off.
Custom book and video lesson recommendations throughout the year.


Break it down and this means at least 148 hours of real time with you and at least 3 times that planning and thinking about your process. I will be devoting an enormous amount of my self and my time to your amazing transformation. If you were to book just the 148 hours with me at my normal rate of 197. per session, an hour at a time, this amount of time with me would cost you over $29,000.

You would never get this kind of accelerated growth an hour at a time, not in a million years!

I will contemplate the people I accept very carefully. I do not want to spend my time and effort unless you are very serious about wanting to be an amazing human in this life.

By becoming part of the Tantra Inner Circle Program you will pay a very special price for my time and your transformation, as well as receiving discounts to my classes and products.

The Tantra Inner Circle program gives us the ability to stay focused on your challenges and overcoming them. I will be there for you every step of the way, creating customized plans to move you forward through your unique journey.

This is not a cookie cutter plan, where everyone gets the same routine. I promise I will pour every bit of training, knowledge and inspiration that I possess ( and ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that is A LOT ) into you for the entire year.


And it gets even better! How?

Because all this is guaranteed.

If at anytime you feel you are not satisfied by our experience you can opt out, no questions asked.

All this and more at your fingertips if you are accepted into The Tantra Inner Circle.

With this knowledge you will live a life that you were intended to, fully present, aware, heart wide open with your conscious sexual energy driving the fuel to fire true empowerment.


"Tanja is on fire and she is living the words other people simply talk about. I find her brilliant, entertaining, sexy and I count myself blessed to be part of her Inner Circle. Life is far more interesting with Tanja around." Darren Jacklin "The Mega Manifestor" www.DarrenJacklin.com



 Yes, Tanja I want to be considered for this powerful awakening! 


Please let me know when the next opening is available, I can hardly wait.

 Listen to one of my past Inner Circle clients in this candid 25 minutes interview.


 This is very exciting and I can't wait to see you there, living a life others can only dream about.

Tanja Diamond